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Here you can find information pertaining to questions you may have about our services. If your questions are not answered below, or you need further assistance - please feel free to contact us so we can help you further.
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Repair of roads - Asphalt Patching in Ocala, FL
What is asphalt?
Asphaltic concrete is a mixture of mineral aggregates, sand and hard rock, which is mixed together with liquid asphalt binder and heated to form what is commonly known as asphalt. It is a fine, cost-effective product that requires maintenance.
Why does asphalt need to be sealed?
Sealers protect asphalt from petroleum spills of fuel, oil and solvents, which attack the pavement and seep deep beneath the surface, softening the asphalt and reducing adhesion. They also protect against sun and rain, which causes oxidation that can lead to raveling, cracks and even potholes.

Why aren’t roads and highways sealed?
Unlike parking lots and driveways, highways are constantly re-compacted by continuous traffic. Further, highways are not subject to the continuous attack of petroleum derivatives in specific spots or patterns as in parking stalls.

What does asphalt sealer consist of?
Sealer is made of a blend of high-grade ball clays, water, refined coal tar and proprietary emulsifier milled into a coal tar emulsion to generate a coating which insulates the petroleum-based asphalt from potential petroleum spillage and reduces the normal aging cycle of the asphalt, due to oxidation caused by sun light.

How long will the sealer last?
Depending on the weather and traffic conditions, it is recommended that asphalt be sealed every three to five years. With periodic maintenance, your pavement will last for many years. Without sealing, your pavement life may be only seven to twelve years. Seal coating is a fraction of the cost of repaving.

Is application expensive?
Depending on the current condition of your pavement, there may be a need to fill cracks, dig out soft spots damaged by petroleum spills, fill in potholes and generally patch the pavement with hot asphalt. Usually a recommended one to two coats of sealer will save you from costly repaving.

How do I choose an applicator company?
Reputable contractors, such as Asphalt Sealing & Striping Co., Inc. use quality materials, provide quality workmanship and are proud of our work. Ask us for a list of our customer or client referrals so you can check our references. We are fully insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation. We have been seal coating for over 50 plus years.

Are all sealers alike?
We at Asphalt Sealing & Striping Co., Inc. only use GemSeal brand sealers. They have been perfected from more than 50+ years of manufacturing and testing experience, and are specially formulated to contend with the particular paving problems of our local climates. GemSeal's proprietary processes, industry leading quality control program and ongoing research and development assures GemSeal of its number one position in overall quality. GemSeal, is the oldest sealer brand in continuous existence in the industry.